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These days, when you hear the word "technology," the first thing you think of is probably your smartphone. After all, most of us do use our phones for a whole bunch of different purposes. However, smartphones are not the only technology we use every day. You probably also use a refrigerator — maybe even a "smart" refrigerator. You use a thermostat, a computer, a microwave, and perhaps a coffee maker. We think it's important to think about all the technology we use in life and how it affects us. And that's why we created this blog, where we post articles on technology.



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3 Ways A Home Downsizing App Can Help With Little Items

Downsizing a home is no easy task. On the surface, you may consider downsizing large furniture and other bulky items within the home. A lot of downsizing actually comes from little items that can really add up over time. The use of a home downsizing app can help you tackle the little items and really clear out a lot of your home.

Check out some of the ways a home downsizing app can help you with little items and reduce a ton of clutter within the home.

1. Paperwork & Receipts

Desk drawers, filing cabinets, and folders may include a whole lot of paperwork through the years. As you look to reduce the amount of clutter in your home, you may not know what you need in the future. A home downsizing app allows you to capture digital scans of the papers and back them up to an account so you have instant access when you need it.

As you upload each document, you can set keywords, dates and other important information. For example, you could scan a tax return, label the file as taxes and set the year it was from. Not only will you reduce the amount of paper in your home, but you will not feel lost as you try to retrieve stuff in the future.

2. Collectibles & Shared Inventory

As you downsize, you may have collectibles and other items you do not want to just throw away or donate. Instead of calling multiple family members to ask about each item, an app can help you set up a shared inventory list. Take pictures of items, add a description and build your inventory. Share the inventory with family members and allow them to claim the items.

The process takes a lot of the busy work out of your hands and allows everyone to see the special items you have to offer.

3. Set Reminders & Room Designations

Downsizing can include a lot of busy work and scrambling as you go from room to room. With a downsizing app, you can set reminders about certain areas or elements you do not want to forget. Room designations allow you to organize areas by each specific room and stay organized within the room.

For example, you can set a reminder for a bedroom closet and write down some of the boxes and items to go through within the room. With checklists and extra details, you will ensure you do not forget areas and can get the project done faster.

Try a downsizing app to see how the app can make a big difference in the downsizing experience.